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Knots in the Sky is a quiet, surreal game about a floating labyrinth and a traveller that have waited a long time to find each other. This tabletop role-playing game is designed to be played in a single hour-long session. Quick stats:

  • 40-60 minutes
  • 2 players
  • No dice
  • No prep

The download for this game is a fully illustrated 5-page PDF file with instructions to play.

The rules contain two one-page playbooks: The Traveller and The Labyrinth. While neither role is a traditional "game master," players looking to describe environments, obstacles and architectural histories may prefer to play as The Labyrinth. No dice, cards, or notes are required, though you'll need a copy of your playbook in front of you for reference during play.

Free Community Copies are available below. 

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Knots in the Sky was originally developed for the Sokpop Community Jam, and is a tabletop adaptation of Sokpop's labyrinth, designed by Ruben Naus. If you like creative, thoughtful indie video games, you should check out Sokpop's ludography. Maybe you'll fall in love with their work like I did.

This premise is used with the permission of Sokpop. Any resemblance to Sokpop games, living or dead, is purely intentional.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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A little role-playing game that's adapted from a Sokopop video game where you apparently play a young girl climbing a mountain that becomes more and more labyrinthine and psychedelic. The game is very nice and even if I'd prefer a more poetic and flexible vision, it is still tempting!

another incredible looking game! can't wait to try this out!


Aww, fruit, why are you so GOOD. 💛 Thank you, it means a lot.